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TDC X Pushpshala

At Pushpshala we believe Flowers speak a language of hope...

TDC is proud to partner with Pushpshala, (पुष्प शाला in Hindi) an authentic, Vedic grade daily essentials brand with its foundations in blending the ancient Ayurveda with modern luxury. A pioneer of premium organic floral recipes, today the brand connects eco-friendly lifestyle with sustainable development. Their emphasis on using natural ingredients and raising 100% organic products entirely focuses on reducing environmental toxicity. 


Their products narrate a story of Indian craftsmanship and they take pride in hand making each ritual with utmost details and care. Each ingredient going into their Vedic rituals is completely natural and chosen carefully based on its properties. They believe in the core values of sharing love and harmony. Therefore, every product generates a small livelihood for the weakest section of society. On a national mission to curb solid waste and free Indian rivers from plastics,  Pushpshala curates its every ritual to be entirely eco friendly and safe for disposal.


Confirming to the highest quality control standards in making floral bases, their preparations of each recipe ensure a reduction in carbon footprints by encouraging chemical-free and non-synthetic products. Experience a modernized luxury of their floral based experiments, that are safe for you and your environment.

As a community-driven exercise, they train and handhold those, who are deprived of necessities, and cement earning streams for them to sustain. The ultimate goal of Pushpshala's activities is to fill every Indian home with a sense of responsibility towards environment and revive the ancient Ayurveda through advanced research.


Welcoming the peace and purity into your surroundings and transcend into a stress-free and calm mood, TDC brings to you Pushpshala!