TDC X Cottage Industries

There is, behind all things, a divine beauty, a divine harmony:
it is with this that we must come into contact;
it is this that we must express.

— The Mother

TDC is proud to partner with Cottage Industries, a brand that was started in 1949, under the guidance of The Mother, to provide Sri Aurobindo Ashram with incense sticks and mats, the surplus being distributed amongst devotees. In time, demand for incense arose from devotees abroad and the first export was made in 1973.

As the name suggests, they try and maintain a natural ambience and simple style of working, avoiding as far as possible an industrialized approach to manufacturing. They utilize recycled materials and integrate nature-friendly methods where possible.


Their products are a result of a careful selection of natural ingredients and eco-friendly methods of manufacturing. Their aim is to ensure quality and economy while being creative and not on being volume driven.

More than 98% of their incense is natural, containing herbs, seeds, roots, petals, perfumed bark, plant extracts and oils, all of which are carefully hand-picked.

Cottage Industries is a proud member of the Fair Trade Forum, India
Realizing that Indian culture and its traditions were in jeopardy, Cottage has created new opportunities by providing employment to the affected artisans, including rural women and empowering them with financial freedom. This shows their commitment to the Fair Trade principles and to sustainable development by offering better conditions to marginalized village labour.

Here at TDC we want our customers to have access to some of these incredible aromatic incense sticks at home and so we bring to you their Most Popular Festive Range: These all year round colorful packs from India will remind you that there is always a reason to celebrate and gift.

Early folk art patterns create a fascinating line suitable for gifting whether it is a festive occasion or a celebration.