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TDC X éntisi

We dedicate time to create each product and seamlessly combine excellence with refined taste. We are never the same. 

TDC is proud to partner with éntisi

At éntisi perfection comes in a box, lavish collection of ready-to-go gift boxes and bars. Each piece is a tribute to quality, creativity, and impeccable design. Every product is a trip to discover sophistication, unique gift creations, handmade artistry and an exclusive style.
éntisi assures an experience of delight and ecstasy - Every-time.

They sources chocolates that are made from the finest cacao beans  around the globe. From Java to Madagascar, Brazil to Ghana and the Dominican Republic to Peru – their chocolatiers only settle for the world’s finest chocolate. 

éntisi constant journey to create newer and better chocolates; to challenge the status quo, innovate with beans and flavors. With absolutely no compromise on quality they blend ideas and ingredients to create fresh chocolate experiences.

TDC wants its customers to experience pure joy as they bite into éntisi chocolates because chocolate is not just a passion, it's the purpose...

Happy Shopping!