TDC X Oh Cha

Raise your cup to the Earth!

TDC is proud to partner with Oh Cha, the brainchild of Pallavi Kanoi, a veteran tea enthusiast from Kolkata. Hailing from a generation of renowned tea agrarians, her illustrious journey with flavored blends began with her active involvement in the family estates. As her family business started private-labelling several blends for traditional tea suppliers, the increasing demand for flavored tea fueled her innovative vision. Deflecting from conventional blends, and having experimented with various herbs and spices, she effectively created numerous flavors of tea with distinct aromas and delectable tastes. 

All their blends are proudly rainforest certified, ethical trade practices certified, preservative free and 100% natural. They also aim to have 100% bio-degradable packaging by 2022.



They source all their ingredients from local farmers and small growers, empower women to take on leadership roles in their estates and follow a very inclusive hiring policy.

Here at TDC we want to keep this ancient tradition of tea drinking alive. And so, we bring to you, Oh Cha - a tea making heritage since 4 generations!