15 Virtues of Pushpshala Incense


You could say the 15 Reasons for The Desi Chhaap's partnership with Pushpshala :)

Kiyoko Morita, is her work titled “ The Book of Incense” termed Incense to be the most democratic of all scent enjoyments. Pushpshala believed the same and came up with 100% Natural and Eco-Friendly Incense Recipes. A pure blend of organic ingredients that will make you burn our incense at any time of the day.

Here presenting the 15 Virtues of Pushpshala Incense Recipes:

1. Spiritual Awakening

Igniting pure incense mix has always been a doorway to spirituality in true sense. Covered in “Benefits of Incense Burning” Incense from thousands of years has been a vital and daily ritual to offer prayers in many religions around the world. Whether you pray in a Temple, or go to a Catholic Church, or bow at a Mosque or Gurudwara, burning incense made up of natural ingredients is considered the most sacred act of worship.

Pushpshala Incense Recipes are prepared with Vedic Rituals and handcrafted with all-natural and chemical-free ingredients to bless your day with extra purity and devotion. Experience the pure spiritual awakening with one of its kind ‘Vedic Grade’ Incense.

2. Meditation

Traveling from East to West and North to South, meditation has been one of the most popular and preferred arts of relaxation and self-ailment. Incense from ages has widely been used to deepen focus and heighten senses while meditating. Pushpshala Sandalwood, Water Lily, and Vedic Aroma Incense recipes has been raised up carefully with ancient Vedic herbs to suit best during meditation hours.

Pushpshala Incense Recipes have a very long burning time, and you can set the same to match your meditation hours.

3. Unwind and Breath

You and your pets are equally going to love the sweet and soothing fragrance of Pushpshala premium quality organic Incense. Light some Incense and relax on your comfortable sofa with a cup of tea or coffee. Switch on the favorite music and dwell into the pleasant aroma of ancient herbs, handpicked flowers, and a silent story of Indian craftsmanship.

Pushpshala is committed to eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, charcoal, and synthetics in Incense making. Bringing first of its own kind breath friendly Incense recipes, that stick to natural and safe for you and the environment.

4. Mindfulness

Take time in selecting your favorite incense and its maker. Whether the occasion is formal or informal, whether you believe in something or not, simply light up a genuine and natural Incense and make a space for your mind to decide.

Make this mindful activity your habit and witness a change within a few weeks. Researches say burning a pure and naturally handmade incense helps you in listening to your mind carefully and it also relaxes the jumping beats of confusion and unavoidable thoughts to a great extent.

5. Reduce Anxiety

Time to step up from merely relaxing and act on real factors of stress and hypertension. Reduce your high body ratios of heart rate, breathing, and continuous brain activities and encourage lower anxiety with the Pushpshala incense mix.

Go for the purest and healthiest incense ever with “soil to shelf” ingredients and blend of sacred holy wood, flowers, and herbs to directly hit the root cause of anxiety and experience long-lasting results, naturally.

6. Stimulate Creative Juices

A well-aged and scented incense is not just prepared in a chemical factory, it requires experience and preparedness to form a right blend of natural ingredients and floral fragrance, cultivated directly from its source

Stimulate your body creative juices with Pushpshala fresh flowers base Indian Jasmine, Water Lily, and Tuberose Incense recipes. Prepared with well-researched fragrance and organic components, it will improve mental performance and stimulate creative abilities.

7. Boost Sexual Desire

How about creating a “Get on It” mood with Incense ?. Yes, ancient Verbs and natural extracts in Incense helps in boosting the sexual desire. Pushpshala Organic Rose Incense recipe is a true blend of real rose petals and powerful Vedic herbs that creates a luxurious room for you to make most of your “we” time.

Pushpshala Incense recipes help in activating passion and loving corners of the human body through aphrodisiac aromas with sweet and confident floral magic.

8. Practice Yoga

Create the right aromatic atmosphere while ready in your yoga pants. Pushpshala Incense Recipes are prepared with Vedic Rituals That Reduce Environmental Toxicity”. Experience a completely new and fresh surrounding by burning a piece of ‘Soil to Shelf’ meditative Incense.

Avoiding artificial fragrance and synthetic scents at large make your yoga sessions completely safe and healthy. Incense during yoga also aids in increasing the body's inner strength and refreshes skin to have a happy day ahead.

9. Mood Stabilizer

Nature is the best and the only source of stabilizing any kind of mood. Whether in periods or dealing with a bad day, the effect of natural aroma, generated from Pushpshala organic Incense ingredients has shown fruitful impact in raising serotonin in the brain.

As an alternative to intake harmful drugs, try burning some 100% natural and organic Incense to improve mood without any side-effects. Organic Rose and Tuberose is at the top among recommendations.

10. Aid Good Sleep

Modern lifestyle has a modern impact on life and style together. Irregular sleeping patterns and Insomnia have been interrupting our society from the past few years. Having an Incense burning session an hour prior to bedtime is far safer and effective than sleeping pills.

Save money as well as health by switching to Pushpshala Incense Recipes and try out a new routine of sound sleep and sweet dreams.

11. Air Purification

Floral based ingredients and natural handmaking of Pushpshala Incense comes with a bundle of antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Benefits in Indian Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Vedic Aroma are coupled with high air purification benefits when exposed to polluted air.

The fumes of Incense bind the pollutants and harmful components in air and purify the home surroundings, leaving behind, fresh, aromatic, and clean air to breathe in.

12. Moments of Peace

Gone are times of heavy workloads and middle life crises. Indulge in a pure Vedic fragrance of Pushpshala Incense Recipes and create moments of peace for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you burn a stick, cone, or special bamboo less mini Incense, the fumes of sacred wood and recycled flowers will make you feel too light.

Try out Pushpshala Tuberose and Indian Jasmine Incense recipes to make the most of your ‘Me” time with happy moments.

13. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Recent times and the 2020 COVID crisis have taught everyone a lesson for life. To stay healthy, practice good hygiene and most important adopt sustainable practices to safeguard future generations. Now, where does Pushpshala Incense fit in?

Building on the learning and need of the hour, Pushpshala chemical-free Incense with recycled flowers reduces air pollution to a great extent. It also brings a sense of responsibility towards the environment and encourages healthy daily essentials that are plastic and pollutant-free.

14. Magical Experience

Traveling back to ancient Egypt, or springtime in Japan, or considering the holy month of July in India, Incense has always been a source of magical vibes that constantly remind us of good feelings when ignited.

Keeping intact the same beliefs and rituals, Pushpshala Incense adds an extra purity and devotion to each routine activity you perform at your home, work, or any other place. Pure aroma of natural ingredients also helps to elevate interest and engagement in performing activities from within.

15. A New Beginning

Last but not the least, “A New Beginning”. At Pushpshala we believe Flowers speak a language of hope. A hope to make this planet sustainable, clean, and responsible. Incense recipes prepared at Pushpshala are not just confined to a daily prayer element or an accessory to luxury, it narrates a story of Indian craftsmanship with a strong vision to revive the ancient practice of pure Incense making.

Cultivating the excellence of deep research on binding natural ingredients, Pushpshala encourages to use chemical-free, all-natural and eco-friendly Incense. Safe for you, our environment, and everyone else for which Lives Matter!

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