Little Details Matter.....

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

At TDC we pride ourselves in creating an experience par excellence! This is one of the key ingredients in the recipe of curated boxes :)

In our first launch of 'Holiday Boxes' we paid attention to every possible detail so the experience starts to unfold from the moment you receive the package.

A few highlights:

- Gourmet selection of Edible Items

- Cute embellishments on every item in the box, yeah! We believe in personal touch ;-)

- A full gamut of items from each category were first tested & tasted by TeamTDC and then only the topmost contenders fund their spot in TDC Boxes!!!!

- Matchsticks were packed with hand made bottle that and a Sticker Strip for easy lighting up of the candles.

- Hygiene & Sanitation, all edible items were packed in clean environment. No hands came in touch of the edible items in the packing process.

- Even the Vines to tie the boxes were thoughtfully selected and embellished with cute Trinkets.

- We are all about branding, so all our boxes are sealed with TDC love :)

- Packaging paper instead of bubble/plastic wraps for safety inside Shipping Boxes.

- Sprinkles of Crinkle Cut Paper before you even get to touch the curated box.

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