Artisans of India - Handcrafted Wooden Block Tea Light Holders

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

At The Desi Chhaap, we are committed to bringing authentic and versatile products from the Asian Sub-Continent. We are extremely proud to present to you these stellar hand carved pieces that are surely going to light up your space when lit!!

These pieces bring a unique twist to the beautifully engraved wooden blocks that were traditionally used by artisans for block printing. This block making technique has been used to create these impeccable tea light holders that can either be used as a decor around your place of worship or just as a mere piece of decor at the entryway or paired up with some greenery on your dining space!

A little about the how, where and when it all started:

Artistic wood carving began as a temple and palace craft, it flourished alongside the ancient architecture and sculpture. Depending on what was available locally, different woods were used for wood carving, and made it's way into religious, decorative and functional articles. As time progressed, various centers of wood carving emerged, each with its distinct style. The origins of this beautiful craftsmanship can be traced back to the late 19th century. Closely associated with the age old architecture, wood carving incorporated the design vocabulary of architectural carvings. It was influenced by Kashmiri designs as well, with many of the craftsmen having descended from Kashmiri immigrants. You can see subtle nuances of this style in contemporary products like the finely chiseled screens and intricate filigree work and the well-known vine leaf pattern.

Hand engraved wooden block tea light holder
Craftsmanship at it's best!!!

Hand carved wooden tea light holder
Indian Artisan working his MAGIC!

Whether you are looking for a traditional touch or a modern minimal feel, you can achieve any look with these hand carved lights votives. Have a great time decorating your home with these unique tea lights.



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