Auspicious Start to 2022

What is the Significance of the Celebration?

It is a traditional winter folk festival celebrated in India by people specifically in the North zone. It is a festival of joy that commemorates the passing of the Winter Solstice and looks forward to longer days as the sun journeys towards the northern hemisphere.

Wanna know how it's celebrated in different parts of India?

Punjab – Lohri

Lohri is observed by lighting campfire, wearing new clothes, conveying desserts, and eating rewri, gajjak, popcorn and bajre ki khichdi.

Rajasthan – Sankranti

There is a gigantic festival with exceptional Rajasthani indulgences, moving and getting together with family. Kite flying is customary on Sankranti. Key Significance:

  • The ladies offer 13 other wedded ladies blessings in the form of clothes, cosmetics or gift items.

  • The first Makar Sankranti after marriage holds most importance as the elderly relatives invite the newly wedded lady to their homes for a feast.

Gujarat – Uttarayan

In Gujrat it goes on for two days and signifies transit of the sun from the south towards the north marking the start of a favorable time of the year. It is said to bring peace, health and hope to people's lives

People eat chikkis and desserts made of sesame.

Maharashtra – Makar Sankranti

It is a 3 day celebration in Maharashtra where folks give each other Halwa, Puran Poli and Til Gud Laddoo. Married ladies welcome companions/relatives and celebrate Haldi-Kunku.

Tamil Nadu – Pongal

It is a 4 day joyful festival in Tamil Nadu where the convention of rice wins. The rice is bubbled and offered to God. Folks wear new garments and visit family members, give blessings.

A festival with so many different names but converging into ONE and Only ONE essence is the true reflection of unity in diversity :)

We have put together a quick and short list of some cute items that can add colors to your 2022 celebration:

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