TDC X The Sweet Blend

Sweets are the satisfying end to a meal, an epitome of celebration and

the taste of traditions!

TDC is proud to partner with The Sweet Blend

For The Sweet Blend, Mithai is more than a dish, it's an emotion they love to pass on. With that very vision in mind, TSB embarked on a journey to deliver happiness in every bite for every occasion. They have curated endless possibilities of flavors with over a hundred ingredients in the last 30 years.

 Every sweet is willfully hand-crafted and garnished with love to give the most relishing flavor to the consumers. Two years ago they introduced and launched fusion Indian sweets in the market, that have been extremely well received

TDC wants its customers to experience an emotion of tradition, an excitement of fusion and an exploration of novelty and so we bring to you the very taste from India, which evokes excellence in quality, precision in love and joy in offering the best - from our hearts to yours.

May each piece we create bring a sense of Happiness to you!

Happy Shopping!